Sean Policarpio
Software developer, amongst other things
Yup, I am a software developer. I primarily work with Java and Scala, but I'm a firm believer in polyglot programming and love to learn about new languages, libraries, and tools. I like to tinker around with frontend development, but I'm a backend/platform developer at heart. I jump at the chance (and challenge) of building software systems and services — especially Web applications — meant to handle floods of users and data.

I mainly use and play with things from the Typesafe Lightbend toolbox, such as Akka, Play, Spray, and Slick, to create distributed, concurrent, and fault-tolerant systems. I've also implemented fun things with Spark. And just like many developers, I'm acquainted with a multitude of frameworks and libraries from the JavaScript world.

Some stuff I do and some stuff I did

Currently, I am a Principal Consultant at Simple Machines. As a consultant and software engineer, I work with and utilise the best technologies that will help clients solve the problems they present to us. I mainly do cool and fun stuff with Scala, Akka, and Play, as well as other trusted tools, frameworks, and services from the world of backend development — including Java and its multitude of libraries; and cloud computing with Amazon Web Services. We're also always actively working on frontend development (JavaScript, HTML, etc.), mobile development (iOS, Android) and general software tooling projects.

Previously, I was a Platform Software Engineer at BiblioCommons. I did stuff with Java — mainly building and maintaining Web applications and Servlet-based software (deployed mainly in Tomcat) — with a mix of other stuff (Gradle, Hibernate, Spring (DI, MVC), Google Guice and Guava, Ehcache, Memcached, ActiveMQ, Jersey, RestEasy, Hystrix, RxJava, a scattering of Apache libraries, and the list goes on...). I also occasionally did some stuff with Ruby on Rails, JRuby, and JavaScript.

Before that, I was a postdoc at the National University of Ireland, Galway where I did stuff with Java (Hadoop, Mahout, Storm, Jetty, OpenRDF), JavaScript (Node.js, Backbone.js, JQuery, Three.js), SPARQL, and HTML. There was also a sprinkle of Python here and there.

And before that, I studied and researched applications of logic programming — specifically answer set programming — in conjunction with theories in access control and information security (in particular with XML documents).

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Sometimes I write stuff other than just code

Some other stuff about me, in brevity